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Do you remember playing with sparklers as a kid?  This summer my daughter re-discovered her love for these fiery little things.  As she was dancing around with these dazzling sticks of illuminating sparks, I still couldn’t believe how once lit, this skinny little instrument could light up so much of the summer night sky.  It got me thinking about one of Jesus’s defining statements in Matthew 5:14-16.   “You are the Light of the world…let your good deeds shine out…so that everyone will praise your Father in heaven.” (NLT)  

A familiar concept for sure…but it is such a beautiful thing, and so simple, and yet, so difficult at the same time.  As women, we are so often bogged down by our daily responsibilities, in all its various forms, that our goal in each and every day often becomes purely survival.  

Our challenge over this coming 2015-2016 year, is to make space in our lives to allow Jesus to ignite our hearts so that His illumination would spark out from our lives and that we would courageously and passionately share that Jesus Christ is Lord with those affected by His light shining through us.  (2 Corinthians 4:6-18.)

Our desire is for each and everyone of the women in our church to know Jesus, to know that they are loved, to know that they are covered in prayer, and to know that they are valuable!  We love Jesus and pray that our women would truly experience Him—in all His love, forgiveness, joy, power, and peace. 

In Christ,

Val Cressman
Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Want to know more about our Jesus, our ministry, or how to get involved?  Contact the office or me for more information. :)           

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