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Welcome Home Ministry

The Welcome Home Ministry is teaming up with the Women's Interval Home to assist broken women and their children by sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to provide our assistance with a start up into their new home, while creating an unconditional and lasting relationship. Here you will find testimonials, videos, and a list of items that are still needed for the next move.

Contact Us

If you have any donations or questions regarding the next Welcome Home ministry you can e-mail Daphne Bourque at daphne@bluewaterbaptist.ca.


If you decide to donate to this ministry, we would like to thank you for your support! We would also like to inform you of our latest attempt to keeping the donations organized. If you do decide to donate, there will be a clipboard in the Annex OR one in the kitchen for you to fill out your name, your contact information, the date, and the item(s) donated. This way we can constantly be updating this directory to ensure we not only have the items needed for the next family, but to allow potential donators to see which items are at high demand at the present time. Again, we thank you for your donations and/or support! Pat Cooper will be the person in charge of the donations.

The following items that are listed are the major needs for clients who come into the Welcome Home Ministry. The ✓ represents which items we currently have stored and do not need more of at this time. Thank you!

*The up and coming Welcome Home is for a single person move; therefore, child needs are NOT a necessity for this move. Thank you.*
-Tooth Brush
-Tooth Paste✓
-Shaving Cream
-Body Wash✓
-Hand Soap✓
-Bath Soap
-Sanitary Napkins✓
-Hair Dryer✓

-Bath Towels
-Hand Towels
-Wash Cloths
-Bath Mats✓
-Shower Curtain✓
-Shower Liner✓
-Shower Rings
-Toilet Paper
-Toilet Brush
-Garbage Pail

Child Needs: NOT applicable for this move
-Toddler Tooth Brush
-Toddler Tooth Paste
-Car Seat
-Baby Clothing
-Baby Gate
-Night Lights
-Baby Wipes
-Toys, Games, Books

Mum's Bedroom:
-Bed Frame✓
-Clothes Hangers
-Laundry Hamper
-Alarm Clock✓
-Garbage Pail

Children's Bedroom: NOT applicable for this move

General Furniture:
-Love Seat✓
-Living Room Chairs✓
-End Tables✓
-Coffee Table✓
-Kitchen Table✓
-Kitchen Chairs✓

Misc. Home:
-Curtain Rods (for 2 windows)
-Blinds (for 2 windows)
-Light Bulbs
-Computer Desk✓
-Computer Speakers✓
-Basic Sewing Kit✓
-Basic Office Supply Kit
-Basic First Aid Kit
-Basic Tool Kit
-Cleaning Products
-Broom and Dustpan
-DVD Player
-Flash Light
-Laundry Soap✓
-Dryer Sheets

Major Appliances: upon request:

Kitchen Appliances:
-Microwave Stand
-Electric Hand Mixer
-Coffee Maker✓

Kitchen Utensils:
-Potato Peeler✓
-Potato Masher✓
-Cutting Board
-Rubber Spatula(scraping bowls)
-Large Spoons✓
-Soup Ladle✓
-Can Opener
-Kitchen Knives
-Pairing Knives✓
-Oven Mits✓
-Measuring Cups✓
-Measuring Spoons✓

Kitchen Other:
-Table Cloth✓
-Tea Towels✓
-Dish Cloths
-Table Cloths✓
-Dish Rack
-Dish Soap
-Paper Towels
-Paper Napkins
-Garbage Pail
-Garbage Bags
-Tea Pot
-Baby Cups & Bottles✓
-Baby Bowls & Plates✓
-Milk Carton✓
-Juice Jug
-Paper Napkins✓

Cook/Bake Ware:
-Roaster Pan✓
-Frying Pan✓
-Cookie Sheets✓
-Baking Dish(s)(casserole/pyrex pans)
-Mixing Bowls✓
-Storage Containers✓
-Basic Spice Kit✓
-Salt & Pepper Shakers✓

Sept 11, 2013.


"The church helped me and my family out amazingly... When we were stuck in a rut and felt like life couldn't get any easier or better, they brought me hope again. They are an amazing group of people and I appreciate everything they did for us. Without their help, me and my two children wouldn't be where we are now. Thanks again, you were all amazing.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved in The Welcome Home Ministry. You all helped make the transition to our new apartment so much easier! I often felt overwhelmed with gratitude from all the help I was both offered and from what I received. Also thank you everyone that donated items. I'm not really sure where I'd be if it weren't for you all! We are getting nicely settled into our new apartment and the children are adapting very well! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. God has truly blessed us with you all and may he bless you all in the same way!


On behalf of the Welcome Home Ministry, we would like to personally thank and appreciate the sponsors listed below. Thank you for everything you do to help each family feel special. 


Al's Vacuum & Sewing Centre

Sarnia, ON


Klean & Brite: A Division of C.M.C. Services Inc.

Sarnia, ON




Aesthetic Studio
Sarnia, ON




VK Auctions Inc.
Sarnia, ON

Jessica Kane
Home Hair Dressing Business

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