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Jesus Christ didn't change the world by himself when He was here on earth, 2000 years ago. Does that statement shock you? It's true – sort of. While the sacrifice of Christ on the cross fundamentally changed everything, Jesus didn't finish His three-year earthly ministry with (what we'd call) astounding success. Acts 1:15 says that, immediately after Christ ascended into heaven (before the Day of Pentecost), the number of people who were Christ-Followers was about 120.

That's it. One hundred and twenty.

By human terms, that's not a huge success story. So, how did we get from Point A (120 Christ-followers) to Point B (Jesus being the most-worshiped – at least in name – Person in history)?

There's many reasons for this, but what it comes down to in some respects is Small Groups.

Small Groups? How in the world would Small Groups make that happen? Well, in a
 nutshell, Jesus didn't spend the majority of his time teaching (or converting) the multitudes. Skim through the Gospels and you'll see that Jesus spent most of His time pouring His life into 12 dudes (and 3 in particular). These twelve guys (minus Judas the betrayer) not only emulated Jesus' teachings, but also His ministry style. They got a number of guys that they discipled to be like Jesus...and those guys did the same! Before too many years had passed, this process of discipleship had spread the gospel like wild-fire...to the point where the Roman Emperor Constantine decided that there were so many Christians in the Empire that tapped into Christianity for political gain.

In a culture that is so desperately in need of seeing an authentic, vintage Gospel, Small Groups are a phenomenal way to do Christianity.

Encounter Groups, or eGroups are built on these principles. In eGroups, we can Encounter God, Encounter Truth and Encounter Others. eGroups provide community, accountability, mutual-growth...there's just too many benefits to list here!

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Explore and discover our strategic mission and values.