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Weekly Events

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Our Friday Prayer Time that is held every first Friday of the month is cancelled for June, July and August. Please join us in the Fall.

Summer Sunday Services: Please note that beginning July 2 until Sept. 3 we will have one Sunday service at 10am. 

Check out this great opportunity to see the RCMP Musical Ride this Summer in Campbellville. 


Giving Options

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God's Resources

God's Resources mobilizes volunteers in the church family to meet the personal needs of individuals and to support projects being organized in the church. Requests are handled confidentially. They can be submitted in a locked mailbox in the church entrance or by email to godsresources@bluewaterbaptist.ca. The forms are located next to the mailbox.

Personal Needs: No requests outstanding

Project Needs: None at this time.

Bluewater Prayer Chain

If you would like to be a part of this, please email Karen Kuykendall ( karenkuykendall@hotmail.com) or call 519.845.1997!

Ministries that are geared specifically for you!

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Explore and discover our strategic mission and values.